Selection procedure for evaluators of Johannes Amos Comenius Programme – Priority 1

Update on 30th September 2022: The Managing Authority informs all applicants for the position of P JAC evaluator that the deadline for the submission of applications has been extended until Friday 21st October 2022.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announces a selection procedure for candidates interested in the position “External evaluator of the Johannes Amos Comenius Programme (P JAC)” for the evaluation of grant applications for support:

Priority 1 (P1): Research and Development

The main P1 objectives are strengthening strategic intelligence and competences for the management of R&D&I policy and support for innovation ecosystems at the national and regional level, strengthening internationalization and developing the institutional environment of research organizations, strengthening excellent research teams, strengthening the cooperation of research organizations with application sector, strengthening the applicability of R&D&I results and strengthening the key backbone infrastructure needed for excellent research.

Job description:

  • project evaluation
  • participation in the meetings of the P JAC evaluation/selection/review committees
  • preparation of expert opinions

Minimum general requirements for evaluators:

  • clean criminal record, legal capacity
  • C1 English level (minimum)
  • working abroad for a foreign (non-Czech) institution at least from 1st September 2020 until now
  • minimum of a master’s degree
  • professional experience or expertise in higher education or research
  • at least 3 years of active proven experience in the selected thematic field(s) from the P JAC_1P_2P Areas of Expertise and Disciplines (a detailed list of all P JAC thematic fields is given in the document „P JAC Areas of Expertise and Disciplines”, see Annex 1)
  • analytical thinking and the ability to evaluate objectively
  • electronic signature
  • connection enabling online work in an information system (MS Office 365)

When applying for the position, it´s advantageous to have:

  • experience in project evaluation

General conditions:

  • The work will be carried out within the concluded Contract on the Creation and Use of a Copyrighted Work according to § 2586 et seq. of the Civil Code (only for calls predefined in advance)
  • The work will be performed mainly on-line. Travel expenses can be reimbursed only in the case of the evaluator’s physical attendance at selection/evaluation/review committees (accommodation only for meetings of 2 or more days)

Required attachments:

  1. Structured CV – the following minimum information must be included: name, surname, title, highest level of education attained, language skills level and relevant previous professional experience, contact person(s) to prove 3 years’ experience, information on previous experience in project evaluation (if relevant) and electronic signature.

It is recommended to use the template of the structured CV (see Annex 2)

  1. Criminal record extract/certificate or affidavit (written sworn declaration) – stating that the applicant has not been convicted of a deliberate or negligent criminal offence in the past and that he/she is not currently under criminal prosecution – scan of official document/digital document/electronically signed declaration.
  2. Document proving the highest level of education attained – document scan/digital document.
  3. P JAC Areas of Expertise and Disciplines with marked expertise in selected areas, see Annex 1 – .xlsx table.

Further information:

The selection procedure will include general P JAC e-learning training. 

To successfully apply for the selection procedure, it is required:

  • to send the above specified documents by e-mail to the contact address below by 21st October 2022 at latest (subject of the e-mail „Selection procedure for P JAC evaluators (P1)”.

Contact address: