Methodological documents and legislation

The Managing Authority of the P JAC is currently working intensively on the preparation of the methodological documentation for the P JAC, especially on creation of the Rules for Applicants and Beneficiaries of the P JAC – general part, in relation to the publishing process of Methodological Guidelines setting up a uniform methodological environment at the level of all programmes which will be implemented in the programming period 2021-2027 on the territory of the Czech Republic.

In connection with the preparation of the individual calls, the MA also prepares Rules for Applicants and Beneficiaries – a specific part, which will further define the specifics applicable to a particular call. These rules will always be an annex to the announced call and will thus accompany the applicant/beneficiary from the announcement of the call to the end of the project.

EU legislation

Single National Framework – common methodological documentation (in Czech)

Determined from the National Coordination Body (Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic) and the Ministry of Finance